Ma You Rong is famous for cosplay. Not just in Taiwan, but throughout the cosplay community. She's made a lot of headlines before for her portrayal of characters like Tomb Raider, Tsunade from Naruto and recently Hestia
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Here are some pictures of her without any costumes on, and she's actually, also, quite attractive.

She's naturally busty too.

Which is why characters like this:

And this, look good when she plays them:

But remove all of that away, she can look a tad classy too.

Aside from the fact that she look very indecent in cosplay as well:

Tops may not have a very long shelf life with her, considering her incredible bust size.

When not in cosplay mode, she looks just like any other young lady.

Who so happen likes to pose a lot and show off tons of cleavage.

She's got quite the following online as well:

And because it's impossible to go out like this every other day:

We're glad to know she's got some normal going out clothes too.