Its a new week again, and if you're like me, Monday Blues really know how to work their way up your nerves and mood. But fret not, here are some of our posts from last week guaranteed to give you a kick better than coffee. Enjoy!

Moët et Chandon, a French champagne house, named Scarlett Johansson its first ever celebrity ambassador. The 24-yea... [Bubbly Bombshell: Scarlett Johansson ]   

The staff dietitian at a doctors group is asking the West Michigan Whitecaps to put a warning label on the enormous new... [ Big, Fat, 4800-calorie, American Burger: YUCK]  

I love this Audi flying car concept! Called Audi Shark, it was designed by Kazim Doku and won the Desire Comp... [Audi Shark Concept Car

Highlights from the Bologna Motor Show including th world debut of the Mazda3 Hatch  [ ] 

Temptation may be everywhere, but it's how the different sexes react to flirtation that determines the effect it will h... [The Science of Temptation ]  

If you have ever played "team sports" then you are fully aware of what a "play" looks like. Now when a really good play... [How to Read A Woman ]  

Chicks can do simple sums soon after they hatch, according to a study by scientists in Italy. In what the researchers c... [Chicks Are Good at Math ]

It is called Conficker virus. Experts believe Conficker has, since last October, wormed its way into some 15 millions c... [April Fool's Day Computer Virus is Activated ]  

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is accused of only finding homes for seven pets last year. Since 19... [Peta's Credibility At Stake ]  

Padma Lakshmi, India's hottest export, starred in a commercial for the Carl's Jr. restaurant chain eating a Western Bac... [Padma Lakshmi Licks for Hardee Burger]