If you need a reason to masturbate (as if you don't have enough already), here's another: Sina Zarrintan, a neurologist from the Tabriz Medical University says that a well- timed ejaculation may be able to ease the symptoms of hay fever.

Although he has yet to perform clinical trials to test the hypothesis, the logic behind it is quite simple. The nose and the genitals are both connected to the same part of the nervous system that controls the sympathetic nervous system. During ejaculation, blood vessels across the body are constricted which then frees the airway for normal breathing.

He suggests masturbating or having sex whenever the symptoms are bad and depending on the severity of the symptoms.

However, Mohammad Amin Abolghassemi Fakhree from Tabriz University argues that there are limitations as to when this technique is "applicable" and also depending on the availability of a sex partner.