Guys with long hair. Yay or nay? While most guys, and we really mean, MOST guys, look terrible in long hair, it's just something most of us would want to have, at least once in our lives. Here are 13 tips using celebrities with long hair as an example to your new long hair look. A word of advice though: it'll only work if you're good looking. Unless you want to look like an uglier version of your sister. Check it out below:

1. Chris Hemsworth

Verdict: Long hair suits him. He's helluva sexy, but short hair trumps it anytime of the day, though Thor would never be caught without his long beautiful locks!

2. Ian Somerhalder

Verdict: Sometimes, even if you look like a teen-hearththrob, you're better off with a normal short hair look.

3. Zac Efron

Verdict: Want to look like a teen-hobo? Leaving your fringe might be your first step to your long hair growth, but if you can't ride out the ugly growing process, we suggest to just keep it short.

4. Hugh Jackman

Verdict: If you look like this guy, go ahead and leave your hair long.

5. Taylor Kitsch

Verdict: Long hair on a guy can make you less manly looking somehow. We very much prefer the short hair look on Taylor.

6. Brad Pitt

Verdict: Anything goes with Brad Pitt, so it is a bit unfair to have him on this list. Still, if you have long hair, leave a beard. You don't want them ladies mistaking you as part of their lady-folk.

7. Shia LaBeouf

Verdict: If your hair is this curly, don't even attempt leaving your hair long.

8. Joe Jonas

Verdict: If your objective is to look like a Kpop celebrity, then go ahead, leave your hair long! Just don't forget to put on the mascara and lipstick.

9. Jared Leto

Verdict: The long hair look isn't just about the length. It is about how you take care of it. If you can't make your hair look healthy and shiny like Jared, then best you forget it, bro.

10. Johnny Depp

Verdict: Johnny Depp has always had messy hair. The picture above is evidence of that. So unless you want to look like you're still in the whole "Goth" movement, where combing your hair is too damn mainstream, we suggest you keep it short and simple.

11. Colin Farrell

Verdict: Colin Farrell may have taken advice #6 but somehow this isn't the look that's right for him. Could it be the parting? If you're trying out the look, do try out other ways to style your hair. They're endless!

12. Ashton Kutcher

Verdict: Ashton Kutcher actually does look good with long hair. Except he looks better without. Always know the right length to leave your hair to.

13. David Beckham

Verdict: While almost everything about David Beckham is desirable, his long hair phase wasn't something H&M would have considered stylish. The center parting is so 1990s. Don't do that. 

Should you leave your hair long?