A doctor molested three young women as they were having abortions, a court heard yesterday. The defendant, Dr Narendra Sharma, is accused to have assaulted the women as they were semi-conscious under anaesthetic.

With regular patients aged between 18 and 22, married Dr. Sharma, 51. works as an anaesthetist from Manchester clinic of Marie Stopes, a charity which aims to protect young mothers from back-street abortions.

It is reported that out of three patients molested, only two of them who were aware that they may have been sexually assaulted. The third patient has never been traced.

Julie Ackroyd, a nurse working in the same clinic, leads a group of staff witnessing the alleged misconduct done by Dr. Sharma. They together lodged a report to both molested victims - who were unconscious during the incidents - and the court.

Dr Sharma alleges he is the victim of a racist vendetta by staff. In respnose to the accusition made by his staff that he had inappropriately placed a patient's hand on his private area, Dr. Sharma argued that holding the patient's hand close to a doctor's body is necessary to monitor her level of sedation.

Dr Sharma, of Bowdon, near Altrincham in Cheshire, denies three charges of engaging in sexual activity without consent.

The trial continues.

Source: Abortion doctor [dailymail]