Keys are (duh) used to open doors, but we use them to slice through cellophane tape on boxes, pop tags off our clothes, scratch lottery tickets and other things.

Keys aren't designed to do any of that, but because they're a jagged, slightly sharp item that we have on us all the time, they'll do in place of knives and scissors.

This Quickey is a multi-tool that hangs on your keychain. Designed by inventor Chris Hawker of Trident Design, it's meant to open everything except doors. You can cut coupons, divide pills, pull out staples, open beer bottles, and more.

Quickey's creators say the project was born out of a frustration with the bulkiness of traditional multi-tools. "Multi-tools are typically overkill and cumbersome," they say on their Indiegogo page. "None of us at Trident carry one around because they are just too bulky, yet we craved some of the conveniences they offer. For a large number of life's little tasks, the Quickey is perfect and way better than car keys."

Quickey is a two-inch piece of metal that contains a bottle opener, file, flat head screwdriver, serrated sawing edge, and scoring point. It's available for preorder at just $9 USD.

Check out the video below to see what the Quickey can help you with. Here's a multi-tool round-up for you to check out as well.