They have many names: adult, sex or singles' holidays. Unlike what we believe, the excitement doesn't come because of sex per se, but because of the sense of adventure and moral taboo that comes tagged with it.

A sex holiday is not just about hooking up with local girls, and is definitely not about paying to do 'it'. In fact, prostitution is a waste of a holiday as it can often be indulged in at home and may be even more unsafe in unknown parts of the world. A singles' vacation, instead, is about meeting interesting women or generally having fun with singles. (Of course, if it does come with a couple of one-night-stands, who's complaining, right?)

What to expect
Everyone who sets out on a holiday of this kind has his reasons-an ex-girlfriend, a divorce or simply the want of a kinky adventure. Whatever your case, list down what it is you are looking for. Then tear off that list, and wipe all expectations off your mind. It helps to not covet anything, as a sex holiday is not a defined idea. "Adult tourism is a subtle part of the travel industry that is quite popular," says Jehan Driver, a young travel enthusiast and consultant who has a decade of experience in travelling and now organises his own adventure trips. 

"During my two-year adventure study in New Zealand, we conducted a group study which showed that nearly 60 per cent of backpackers have some kinky expectations out of their holidays," he says. "In New Zealand, there are tourism operators who offer bus tours around the country, which, even though not advertised as hedonistic, are seen to be so by the travellers on these tours," he adds.

Though some online tour operators do sell packages labelled 'Sex Holiday' in huge, bright, glittering fonts, the definition varies from nude beaches to 'escorts'. As a rule, be wary of tour companies who officially advertise the 'sex' factor on such tours. The best sex holidays are singles' vacations that give like-minded groups of men and women a common platform to mingle and have fun.

One, two, three, click!

A holiday like this is generally not sold off the shelf (at least, not openly!) as it touches the forbidden land of promoting 'prostitution'- which is legal in some countries and illegal in others. If you're the kind who doesn't have any qualms about prostitution, you may choose to go to countries where it's legal and safe, but do so at your own risk.

If you would rather avoid paying for sex (highly recommended), join a group where you are likely to find similar-minded women (or men, we are not judging!) to travel with. And there are plenty of such tours available. Google key words like 'adult holidays' and 'travel companion', to get to such websites.

Many tour companies design their itineraries for young, adventurous travellers looking to party together. There are no strict age groups, just a minimum age of 18 and no real malefemale ratio. So you could end up with 60 per cent men on your tour group or 90 per cent women, depending on your luck.

Another interesting option to try out is a festival. Music festivals such as Glastonbury in the UK, Fuji Rock in Japan, Mardi Gras in New Orleans are scoresports. An 'intellectual' approach works in cultural fests.

Whatever might be your way, go with an open mind and you might find more than what you are counting on!

Where to Go

Thailand  Sun, sea, sand and sex.
There's plenty on offer from island hopping and beaches to lively nightlife and parties. One top destination for a sex-minded holiday is the Full Moon partying at Ko Pha Ngan, an alternative to the year round rowdiness of Koh Samui, just down south, mostly disguised under the label of 'spa' holidays.

Europe Continent of opportunities.
Cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona feature at the top of the list for holidays where one can grab enough opportunities. The Pigalle district on the north side of Paris, despite its sleazy reputation, has a vibrant nightlife and great food, other than the obvious of course! De Wallen, or the area also known as Rossebuurt in the heart of the oldest part of Amsterdam, is apparently the most visited Red Light district of the world. Barcelona has a good mix of it all-sun, sea, sand as well as culture and nightlife. In fact, Ibiza is the long-standing traditional sun-sea destination for all-night dance parties.

New Zealand Bungee jumping and lots of humping.
Queenstown is the hub of international travellers with its spectacular mountain scenery. It's also a great party town and with a backdrop of sun or snow, depending on the season. But if you want somewhere a bit more serene with sun and sea, head for the North Island and Auckland for great vibrant nightlife and a bit farther north to the Bay of Plenty for sea and water sports. Another place off the beaten track around this area is Hokianga, which boasts of the highest sand dune in the world for sand sledging. (And the ideal place for a quickie or a whole-day repeat show by the sea.)

Japan Offbeat and unusual.
If you're after more of an offbeat destination then try Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan with the 'geisha tours'-the discreet way of hooking up with a girl. Or head down to Okinawa for remote island hopping on unspoilt beaches.

North America Retro fun in the sun.

Head down Route 1 from San Francisco, along the Big Sur Coast in California for a traditionally hippy destination with sun and sea. An added bonus is that you can surf to your heart's content. Make a final stop in Los Angeles.

Source: Men'shealth