For you? Maybe. But for her? It certainly is not. Speaking from a man's point of view, we all know that there's no escaping the emotional blackmail we are doomed to suffer on Valentine's day. Her persistence to transform you into a fantasy prince charming for one day is as daunting as having a fat bitch hold a gun to your head and say, "Be romantic!" But get this: whether or not you fully understand the reasons she wants her personal worth to be gauged by commercial goods, it’s important for you to provide her with not only with roses and chocolates, but what she feels she deserves.

Fortunately, Menknowpause spies have compiled all the necessary facts that will definitely help you better understand the beautiful creature you love who's got her mood swing turned on February 14. Believe us: Valentine's Day merely sheds a starker beam on her current state - usually starting on the last week of January. So stop treating the day like the final exam for Romance 101. Instead, use it as a chance to improve an overall upward trend in your relationship. To that end, here are three fundamental understandings you need to give her alongside the Valentine's gift.

1. Women's Olympics

For us, spending Valentine's day solo means happily watching ESPN with a bucket of KFC chicken. But for the ladies, it means the end of their self-esteem. While their BFFs are sipping champagne or getting engaged, all they can do is watching Sex and The City all over again, hoping they might feel better being single. Having said that, when Valentine’s Day rolls around and they have a guy in their lives, you bet your ass they’ll prance you around town.

Now don't get offended; we're no show dog. What we should understand is that women talk. A lot. And you’ve probably noticed how women are competitive; they compare everything from boob sizes, handbag collection, facial bookings to relationships.

Anna Chow, 28, who has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for a year had a few words to say about women's competition: "Valentine’s Day is like the Olympics for women. Even if you haven’t been doing well in general all season, if you bring your A-game on February 14th, you’ll be the winner all year round."

Graphic designer Juliana Taher, 24, offers deeper insight, "Send us flowers at work and we’ll display them prominently for all our co-workers to see. That's just how girls are."

Now think about it - Are you really going to let your girl 'lose' to that chick in the next cube?

2. Romance Is Not Roses

We often get irritated by womanly, ridiculous requests in the name of proving our love to them - having her mug shots on your screensaver, for instance. But think again; didn't you do such cheesy things when you first dated her? Chances are your idea of romance has backslid since then. What corny romantic thing have you done for or with her lately?

Public Relations staff Rachel Ooi, 26, in a relationship for two years warns you, "For all men out there whose most romantic gesture in recent history has been to let their partners commander the TV remote, Valentine’s Day serves as a wake-up call. It’s a reason for men to remind us why we fell in love with them in the first place."

Sure, your presence in the relationship itself is proof of your love to her. And we totally understand why you don't feel the need to provide further evidence. But perhaps what we need to understand is that women have a different worldview that needs to be taken into account. Like Rachel said; remind her why she fell in love with you. And believe us it will take more than just fresh roses.

3. It's the thought that counts

It really is the thought that counts. You'll make your sweetheart feel special by picking gifts that connect with her personal passions rather than falling back on the same old cliche women gifts, "which kind of raises the question if my boyfriend cares enough to put any thought into what he was getting me," says Miranda Wang. Although she is quick to add that "Roses are necessary!"

More than expensive gifts, your girl wants you to tell her that she is adored and thought; that she is in your mind and heart always. Even if you both know that you love her, it gives her extra joy when you actually do something to express it - especially on Valentine's day. Bear in mind that it's not about the cost of goods. You just have to pay attention to the things your loved one really cares about.

Woo her with a single rose and a note that says, 'You are my one and only'. Miranda says, "Just something sweet in your own handwriting. Leave it on the vanity table or on our car door. That's all it takes to make our day, really."

Now that you know Valentine's day is more than just about gifts these days, why don't you take a bit more time to think about what she would like to have this year, apart from your attention.