Classic scenario on February the 14th - You wake up at 9.16am and you're late for work for scoring her five orgasms last night. You are looking for your shoes and glancing at the clock while brushing your teeth, but she is still in bed covered in nothing but a blanket. She looks happy and satisfied. Come 5pm, you can't wait to get home to make love to her again but your girlfriend is grumpy and has a face like thunder for no obvious reason. After a million hints and watching her beat around the bush till you get the point, it occurs to you that you forgot it's Valentine's Day. Last night's great sexventure will not happen anytime soon. It's a Valentine's curse.

If this sounds familiar to you, don't worry because you're not the only one. For many men, this circumstance repeats itself every year. In fact, a recent study that involved 400 male respondents estimates that roughly 86% men don't think ahead when it comes to Valentine's Day. When asked to elaborate, more than 50% respondents reason that Valentine's celebration is silly, pretentious and unnecessary . The study also claims that 44% respondents find that queuing in line at the florist after work is upsetting. And the hate list goes on.

So what gives? We'll guide you on how to be on the top of your game on Valentine's day.

1. February 14th - Take Note

Believe us, you don't want to be known as the 'asshole who forgot Valentine's Day' in your girlfriend's circle. Or worse, you don't want to get a no sex fine after buying her those guilty overpriced roses. So mark your (ALL) calendars with a huge, red circle. Also, tell your female colleagues or friends to remind as the day is near.

Get her favourite florist to deliver the roses to her office on Valentine's day. Or you can log on to, which offers a wide array of roses, flower arrangements and gifts for any occasion. They deliver around town and even around the world, and will fulfill your specifications. While price varies depending on what you order, there are beautiful choices available for any budget. If you want to take her to dinner, make reservations now. But if you're on a tight budget, check out point two.     

2. Personal Service - First Lady Treatment

Yes, times are tough. If a lavish dinner and expensive gifts aren't really part of your options, then tell her that you'd rather spend time with her at home. You can keep Valentine's Day low-key and celebrate it in your own way. Plan relaxing activities that you both enjoy and declare it your own tradition. Besides, it's hard to have a romantic candle-lit dinner moment when you're surrounded by hundreds of other couples busy conforming to the obligatory Valentine's Day.

Here's a thought: Get a bottle of Lavender massage oil and a bottle of red wine. Rub her feet while she's enjoying the red wine. Surprise her with your sensitivity; play recent romantic selection while you two are enjoying each other's company (Beyonce's If I Were A Boy does impressive magic for women!). All these mushy, romantic gestures will make your lady give you more than just cuddle. Study claims that romantic Valentine's activity increases women's libido, and those who are in a good mood would likely to perform their best in bed. 

3. Creativity

Women appreciate that you spent some time selecting a gift. So it's a good idea to listen to what she says, pick up on a hint she may mention in passing, and then surprise her with it. But be smart! Make sure you pick the stuff that shows you really care for her. Cosmopolitan magazine emphasizes originality and creativity when selecting gifts for women:

"If you buy her a dress she's been eyeing on, you'll most likely get a kiss and she'll sing your praises in her facebook update. But if you get her puppy a pet coat, you'll be a legend!"

With these simple steps in mind, you can say goodbye to that annual Valentine's curse. There will be no 'I thought Saint Valentine's Day was a Catholic holiday' excuse anymore. And the best thing of all? You'll get a mind-blowing reward in the bedroom. Promise!