Tip #1 to Reduce Stress

    Search out the stressor. What is the threat or demand that seems too great? Is someone else making demands, or is it your own perfectionism? List the causes of your stress response.

    Tip #2 to Reduce Stress

    Mark the things that you can change. You may not be able to change your employment, but you may be able to change the way you plan your work. You can reduce stress greatly simply by planning out your day.

    Tip #3 to Reduce Stress

    Just say “No” with sincerity and firmness. When it is not necessary to make a commitment, and you cannot handle it, politely refuse.

    Tip #4 to Reduce Stress

    Learn to recognize your individual stress signals. Your body will tell you when stress is building. Do you get a headache? Do your neck and shoulders begin to ache? Do you feel nervous? Stress signals are not the same for everyone. Learn your signals and reduce stress with brief exercise or by changing activity.

    Tip #5 to Reduce Stress

    A well-rested, exercised, healthy body is better prepared to reduce stress. Take care of your body and it will be in better shape to handle the chemical changes brought about by stress. Increasingly, studies are showing that a fifteen to twenty minute nap in the afternoon will reduce stress and boost productivity.