Loading up on Viagra doesn't necessarily mean that your ED problems are solved for good. According to a study from Cornell University, about two-thirds of men on ED drugs are still suffering because they can’t finish the job: Sixty-five percent reported reduced pleasure during orgasm, and 58 percent reported ejaculation problems.

The reasons could be the result of anxiety, neurological problems related to head trauma, antidepressants, or maybe just plain boredom in the bedroom. So if you're having trouble in that department, here’s a list of other ways to boost your orgasms and rediscover the fun in sex:
Sleep more
Not getting at least 6 hours of sleep can really throw off your testosterone. This affect your orgasms. since your brain will have to work harder just to integrate all the incoming sensations (both physical and psychological). If you're having trouble getting enough sleep, then stick to morning sex since that’s when your testosterone levels are highest.

Lift weights

Weight lifting can help increase testosterone levels by as much as 49 percent. Try lifting weights to increase your testosterone and improve your sex life.

Pleasure thyself

Masturbating two to three times a week helps your neurological pleasure pathways (the one's that control orgasms) stay in shape. Any less and you’ll even forget how to orgasm. But take it easy, or you’ll might end up all tapped out when the time comes to do the deed.