Although women are generally healthier- because they smoke fewer cigarettes, drink less beer, maintain better diets-- nature cuts men a break when it comes to certain diseases that women are more prone to. Hurrah for us!

It is said that women are more prone to migraine headaches and researchers are placing sexual hormones on the stand since studies have shown that once puberty arrives, migraine afflict females at three times the rate of boys. Men are more reluctant to skip meals and because the migraine brain seeks consistency which women lack for the sake of looking good. Well, whatever it is, this fact in itself sure is a headache reliever!

Arthritis is another one of those diseases that afflict a larger number of women compared to men. Although the cause of this disparity is unsure, David M.Parrack, a spokesman for Men's Health Network and Chief of Surgery at Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, says researchers are considering the roles of genetics, testosterone and exercise to explain the big gender gap betwen 17.6% of men compared to 25.4% in women.

Eating disorders are known to plague women more than men simply because the media have set a certain standard  in which women should fall in to be "beautiful". Men, on the other hand seek to be more built instead of skinny, thus doing more exercise rather than diets. We're known to be pigs anyway, and pigs do not become anorexic or bulimic for the love of food!

These are just a number of diseases that we're fortified against. However, we cannot raise our champagne glasses to celebrate because we're significantly more likely to be stricken with deadly illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and respiratory problems. Oh boy, headache's back.