Being happy is a life long process - appearing happy is a necessity if you want to meet women! The best part is if you are a goofy guy or a class clown or just someone who likes to play around your personality is a huge bonus to the opposite sex.

Cyndi Lauper sang "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". Truer words have never been spoken to the world. Appearing jovial or merely pleasant is a magnet to women because girls were born with the "fun gene".

Show your grill! For non music fans out there, your grill is your mouth - an open smile showing teeth. This could be in a club or grocery store or library or even the post office - all you have to do is smile and you will see a reaction from the opposite sex.

Sometimes I will smile incessantly, especially when I am out of town at a bar by myself. I will plant my self in the middle of the bar and plaster a big smile on my face and order a glass of Champagne. For some reason women can not resist a man smiling confidently and drinking bubbly.

That last lesson is a priceless tidbit - did you hear me priceless! I can name four major cities where I have pulled this off - in Arizona I went to an outside bar in Flagstaff, that night I sat in the middle of the bar and got the waitress` phone number and she saw me leave with another girl - still she came to my hotel the next night.

I pulled all off from sitting in the middle of the bar smiling my ass off and drinking Champagne. When I do this all the females do the exact same thing - they walk over to me and say, "Are you celebrating something"?

PAYOFF: You say, "Celebrate? I just have a great life!"

The Happiest Place on Earth

That is what women want to feel - happy, fun, excited, joyous, cheerful, charmed, and safe. There is something very comforting to a woman who feels safe - when she feels safe she puts her guard down and offers more. Smile like a Disneyland character and she will want to take a ride on Space Mountain.

Remember those sage words from that crazy redhead Cyndi Lauper - "Girls just want to have fun." If she feels you are happy then you are approachable and she will do what the chicks in Arizona did - they just have to know.

Walk in the room or where ever you are for that matter and smile whether someone is looking at you or not. Think about being at a comedy club or being in Vegas or at a pool party - those images always make me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud. When you are crying in public you attract pity and cause anti-social behavior, when you smile in public you create curiosity and social interaction. It attracts - smiling attracts.

Practice this at work - trying being the person in your office who wears a "shit eating grin" for a week straight. No matter what happens in the course of business, you just smile from the moment you arrive at work until you leave. One week - you will see results in every facet of your surroundings. I dare you (he laughs a wicked laugh).

Happy NOT Gay

Try not to walk too close to the line of "gay" behavior or you will sink your ship. When a woman thinks you "might be gay" you might as well be because she won`t tell you she assumes this and she will just not go there with you. Stay away from being flamboyant or worse yet, dressing flamboyant.

If you have mannerisms like Richard Simmons you are officially screwed.

Don`t be one of the "girls" or you will get no nooky - if all your gal friends can cry on your gay shoulder then you won`t be "eating at the Y".

It is not your responsibility to be the life of the party, just the life of your party. If you`re happy and you know it clap your hands! Okay that was gay - anyway just constantly focus on smiling and sending the message that your Cheshire grin suggests you are up to mischief and fun.

You do not have to entertain her or everyone else just appear entertaining and happy and you become approachable. You don`t want to over do it because a horde of gay men will also feel the need to approach you and you don`t want to be spending time fighting off The Birdcage.

The Host with the Most

In summary, you have to be the host with the most. Imagine you are hosting a beauty pageant, would you not dress your best and smile for everyone watching at home, in the audience and the gorgeous contestants? Or that you are the host of a party at your home - during any of these scenarios, all eyes are on you and your joyous demeanor will cause them to gravitate.

Do it at work, do it at the grocery store, do it at the gym, and do it to the ugly girl at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Get the girls smiling and giggling - Cindy Crawford once said, "Make a girl laugh and she will do anything". Girls just want to have fun, so smile your ass off and make sure you don`t have salad in your teeth.