Intrinsa, the drug that was once lauded as the "female viagra" may not be the miracle fix everyone thought.

While never available in the United States, the patch was licensed by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency in July 2006. Procter and Gamble swore on the paltry sex drive of women everywhere that those suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) could be cured by applying this testosterone-heavy belly patch. The subjects given Intrinsa were said to rack up two additional sexual encounters each month, more frequent orgasms and even a higher self-esteem.

"The testosterone patch was shown to significantly increase satisfying sexual activity, sexual desire and reduce the related distress. These results were statistically significant versus women treated with placebo," Procter and Gamble said via an official statement.

However, the medical journal Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin is questioning all of these results saying their clinical trials were flawed.

For starters, the journal isn't even 100% sure subjects given trial doses of the drug even suffered from HSDD. Many, they say, reported having sex three times a month (which wouldn't necessarily qualify as a low sex drive) and were given "short, invalidated questionnaires" which may have misdiagnosed them.

And while, yes, those given the drug reported an increase in sex drive many in the placebo group also reported feeling a little friskier than usual as well.

Which, of course, leads one to wonder if a lack of testosterone is really the thing making post-menopausal women lose interest in sex.

None of this matters, of course, if a daily dose of testosterone didn't have some ugly side effects which make the patch not only ineffective but downright dangerous. Cases of acne, hair loss, skin reactions, weight gain, migraine and insomnia were all reported.

Wow, pimples, a receding hair line, spotty sleeping and not being able to fit into our jeans anymore sounds like a surefire sex drive killing recipe to us. It's a small wonder these women felt saucy enough to get naked at all.