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The cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast are so poor that they can't even afford to taste what their cocoa becomes. Isn't it shocking? Here's a touching video of them finally getting a taste of their own chocolate. Now they understand why it is so popular.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jul 30, 2014 09:01
How purebred are your dogs and what does purebred actually mean? Adam Conover of Collegehumor explains it all in this new viral about the concept of purebred dogs. ‘Purebred’ isn’t even a real thing. The concept was popularized about 100 years ago in England.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jul 30, 2014 09:01
Mashable's post called "A Disturbing Look at Today's Celebrities, 60 years in the future" features celebrities if they were older based on an app called Oldify. But instead of making celebrities look older, they sort of look like zombies from The Walking Dead.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jul 29, 2014 16:54
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