Out of the 722 adults at King's College, London, less than half could identify where the heart is placed in our bodies and even less knew where the lungs were.

Which is pretty darn surprising, as you would think with so much more education than we had since 40 years ago, one would be able to tell where these vital organs are placed.

Professor Weinman who did the study said: "What is also worrying is that partients with problems with certain organs, and who are taking medication for them, don't know where the organ is.

"Often patients feel pain in a certain part of their bodies and misinterpret it because they think it stems from something else. For example, a pain in your chest is not necessarily to do with your heart. And that potentially is quite serious."

Indeed, it is! Imagine if you were having a heart attack and you thought your kidney is failing. I don't even want to think of what that will lead to.

Source: Organs [Mail Online]