The average daily salt consumption is 8.6g, 2.6g too high from the recommended daily limit.

2.6g doesn't sound like a big number but 7,000 people have died unnecessarily earlier because of their high salt consumption which is linked to raised blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.

In an effort to curb and decrease the salt intake, big brands are being pushed by the Food Standards Agency to decrease salt content in their products, including names like Kellogg's corn flakes and Heinz ketchup.

The FSA has already published salt-reduction targets for 2012, concentrating on bread, meat products, breakfast cereals and convenience foods.

However, manufacturers argue that the public is not prepared to accept the change in taste that will result from using less salt.

But seriously, is the taste of food more important worth the thousand of lives affected?

Source: Salt [Mail Online]