Daft Punk "Prime Time of Your Life"

Daft Punk would be the last band to do a unsettling music video, but they've got two! The message is that the girl in the video suffers from a poor self-image that makes everyone around her seem skinny (or, in this case, skeletal). But it's really just a pretense for director and effects wizard Tony Gardner to dole out some shocking and graphic imagery.

Röyksopp, "What Else is There"

Electronic duo Röyksopp's video library is pretty well-rounded. They've got the fun and surprisingly informative "Remind Me," the endangered species escape film in "Poor Leno," and the animated postcards of "Eple," but this one caught me by surprise. They're pretty creepy individuals hence being friends with any one of them is probably a no.

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, "The Owl"

Who would've guessed that a two-minute instrumental would make for such an effectively grim music video? Ho's sparse animation style fits the stark visual of a crow tethered to...something, as it tries in futility to reach the light billowing through a window, all while the title character sinisterly watches from afar, its harsh white eyes glaring directly at the camera. Poetic, minimalist, and downright creepy. If you aren't afraid of owls, you just might be after watching this video.

Daft Punk - Technologica

Like I said, who would've thought that Daft Punk would be less sterile in their music clips. And here's technologica. The epitome of a bad trip is what this is. K-Hole? Screw that. Its technologica.

Blink 182 - Stay Together for the Kids

While this isn't scary like shit your pants scary, it sure gives a freak sense when you think why married couples are staying together just because of the kids. As if some higher sacrificial position will enable the next generation to not repeat the same mistakes like they did. That alone, man, is a scary thought.

Thriller in the Prison

Michael Jackson's Thriller enacted in some prison in Phillipines. And if this doesn't tell you that a whole prison full of zombies are going to break out and kill everyone, and if that doesn't scare the living daylights out of you then you can be the one to save us all. At least, that "woman" in the video could've had some of your help earlier on.