Jet - Look What You've Done

Robert Hales' video for Jet's single "Look What You've Done" isn't scary 'cause of what it shows. It's scary 'cause of what it doesn't show. The video features the Australian rockers in the middle of an animated forest, complete with Disney-esque furry woodland creatures, awakened by the sound of Jet's sweet balladry. You'll understand when you see the critters soon turn vicious as the song reaches its bridge and day turns to night.

Daft Punk decided to take to the cameras themselves for their third album, Human After All. "Technologic" may have become a hit through a prominent iPod commercial, but the actual video tells quite a different story. More creepy puppets, only this time the featured creature sports a metallic, skeletal exterior, plus some mad-creepy eyeballs and a distorted mouth. Daft Punk themselves are creepy, never showing their faces. And for some reason, someone on YouTube marked this video as "inappropriate."

Chris Cunningham is a director synonymous with fucked up, scary-ass images, and his first video for Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) is no exception. The video for "Come to Daddy" meshed with the song so well that one can't hear the song without envisioning all the creepy visuals that make up Cunningham's masterpiece. It's got everything: dank, dirty alleyways; sinister groups of children, each with the face of Richard James digitally applied onto their own; and a freakishly tall, humanoid mutant crawling out of a discarded TV, only to howl voraciously at the video's elderly protagonist. Doesn't rock your boat? Well it should.

Heidi Montag's video is added in here with the freak belief that anyone who's got a 100,000 bucks can buy a decent camera and hire a couple of people to make a real MTV class kind of music video. And as per straight set record, Heidi doesn't disappoint and displays her prowess in saving that lump of cash by giving it, to herself. And the camera for boyfriend Spencer Pratt to hold. Once I thought music was something beautiful, till Heidi Montag came around and decided to let music take it up the ass.

Marilyn Manson's music videos are as scary as any M. Night Shamalan shit. Admittedly, M. Night probably is more afraid of Marilyn Manson. Which doesn't surprise me. If you've ever been to one of his concerts, or even watched the video clip for example, then perhaps maybe one day you'll understand why some people are just clearly in need of some kind of therapy.

System of a Down plays beautiful music. They also make a mean bad ass music video. Which probably explains why its always just safer to listen to it when you're alone and not in the crowd of an anger repressed, borderline psycho, crazy crowd. Jumping and punching are probably the two essentials required to listen to this music. Rage, as a fuel.