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Michael Keaton went on the Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon had him act out 'Birdman' scenes as written by elementary school kids. The result was super hilarious. Watch it below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Feb 27, 2015 17:05
You've got to give folks in China some credit. In the past, they were copying everything badly. They couldn't get it right. Then they started blatantly copying design but leaving the details out. Now they've taken it a step further with their fake iPhone 6. It's almost perfect.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 16:57
Luvian is a bombshell and she's only 23-years-old. The Chinese model isn't just stunning, she might just be the Asian version of Kate Upton or Charlotte McKinney. Check out the hottest Instagrams we've found of her below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 16:55
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