1. Acceptable Appearance

Women, girls and wives - you're only acceptable to society if you're young, slim, pretty, beautiful and stay at home cooking or cleaning. Extra points to you if you're anorexic. Otherwise sorry, you're going to end up all alone, an outcast, or become a villian of some sort, and everybody is going to hate you (unless you're a princess, which ironically you can't be unless you're young, pretty and slim). These cartoons teach you this from STONEAGE to the FUTURE.
Look at all the 80's cartoons families! All the mothers and women are slim and pretty like the Jetsons or Flintstones! Even popeye has got it all with the anorexic Olive Oyl, who by the way, gets all the men. There was even one episode in the Jetsons where the mother wanted to go on a DIET even though the woman looks like a twig. So girls, you're never skinny enough! Keep on dieting!
Effect: Look at all the anorexic women and girls around the world. Way to go, jetsons, flintstones and popeye!

2. Eat Your Veggies
If you eat spinach straight from a can, it'll go right up to your biceps (making it HUGE by the way, i wouldn't want to think what other body parts it inflates) and you can beat people up and get anorexic girls to fawn all over you. Nevermind how healthy your veggies are.. think of how cool it is if you can beat up that bully at school and get some ladies!
Effect: You tried, but it didn't work. Tough luck. Now you're suffering from terminal depression,  wondering how come your biceps can't grow and why you could never beat up that a**hole of a bully like popeye did and why you can't get any women to date you..

3. Gay Heroes Save The World
Notice how all the heroes are all rippling muscles, clean-shaven, COLOURED TIGHTS, underwear, kinky colourful COSTUMES, pretty face, stylish hair... These are the first people you'd want around when there's an emergency. This is how YOU'd want to look like.
Notice how they never have wives or girlfriends?
Effect: More ideas for gay sexual toys and costumes..

4. Sarcasm is Cool
Use it to make other people around you look stupid. It's totally fine. Be a cynic and everybody will love you! Like Garfield, he can make something as sweet as Odie look so incredibly stupid and all the poor dog wants is some love. He doesn't even care if he hurts other people's feelings. Look at Jon. He's so happy-go-lucky and carefree, and little does he know his precious Garfield is making snide remarks behind his back!
Effect: jacka**es

5. Violence is AWESOME
It's completely fine to whack people with chairs, logs, clubs, and basically anything in sight. They'll only get a big lump on heir heads and in less that a minute they will be completely healed and ready to play with you again! While you're at it, animal cruelty is also fine! Smash a cat's head with frying pans and shoot them and such - it's a laugh!
Effect: Those sick murderers who kill with gore and don't feel sorry for it.

6. Ghosts Are Actually Friendly, If Not, They Are Actually Fake.
If you see a ghost there is nothing to be afraid of, because you have ghosts like Casper, who want to be your friend and save you from any dangers! So, if you see a ghost, walk right up to it and ask if you'd like to be friends! If not, if they look like they are about to kill you, RUN.. because that way you can eventually capture it somehow, like scooby.. Only to find out that the ghost is actually a HUMAN underneath a big white sheet. So the next time you see a ghost, don't think about getting POSSESSED, or HAUNTING or anything of that sort, just use this judgement to see if it is a real ghost or not!
Effect: Stupid tv shows like Ghost Hunters and whatnots..

7. You've got it made only if you're a..
a. princess
b. prince
c. queen
d. king
e. an untouchable billionaire
f. have magical powers
Effect: poor girls and women, or boys (who want to be princes or kings) pushing themselves toward these dreams, in the end getting depressed because they cannot achieve any of the above, or in the end, incorporating the "prince" or "princess" things into their weddings, birthdays and such, making all the guests filled with disgust for seeing such an obscenely puffy and princessy scene.

8. You Can Swim In A Vault of Gold Coins
Mr. Scrooge does it with so much ease! You can too. Imagine how nice it would be - diving into a pool filled with gold coins, swimming through the little fragments of gold! No, you don't spend or invest your money! Keep it away until you can literally swim in it! Nevermind that the fact Gold is the hardest metal there is and nevermind that in reality, if you were to jump into a pool of gold coins, you would smash your head and die, just think of how FUN it would be!
Effect: Robbers' fantasies of robbing vaults, among which is to literally swim in their stash, thus causing more robbery.

9. Boys, It's OK to Play With Girly-Mild Toys
Look at Winnie the Pooh. Keep in mind that the little boy is helplessly in love with Pooh and Nevermind that among his fellow toy friends is a pink piglet, a donkey with a Pink Bow on his tail, a cushy tiger, and a bunny (all MALES by the way). Nevermind the thought that it is creepy that alll these boys are so lovey-dovey with each other. The point is, BOYS, if you WANT to love toys that girls would play with, even if their gender is Male, it is completely OKAY. Also, notice how the boy is always alone?
Effect: the popularity of Winnie The Pooh among boys. Winnie the Pooh eats honey and goes on picnics. Go figure..

10. Expand Your (sexual) Fantasies!
sexually? Well, shows like Thundercats or He-Man of that sort.. look at all the WEAPONS and colourful COSTUMES. Look at Thundercats for example - GROWING SWORDS, whips with red balls on the end, sexy female felines with miniscule clothing, oh the viciousness!
Effect: Sexual fantasies involving weapons and costumes..