DOXA is proud, and pleased to present the Seaconqueror. This is just the latest example of DOXA’s truly unique relationship with their customers. Customer feedback and requests have helped shape the design and features found in each of the Re-edition Series so far. Research and development continues to be a truly collaborative effort, something very unique in the Swiss watch industry.

Also known as the SUB 5000T Class, the Seaconqueror is the latest evolution of the DOXA SUB fleet. This watch is a first of its kind, the result of a design opinion poll conducted on the Official DOXA Forum. One of the single most requested features was a Helium Release Valve. As a result, this became a key design focus and pays tribute to one of DOXA’s most sought-after vintage models, the Conquistador. This was the first dive watch ever equipped with a Helium Release Valve to be made available to the general public when it debuted in 1969.

Nearly half of the responding forum members wanted a higher-grade of movement. So DOXA went for the very best movement that ETA has to offer – the 2892. This is one of the most modern, most advanced movements available, and the best that ETA produces.

A ratcheting dive suit extension has been built into the clasp. With most dive watches, the watch has to be removed to make use of the dive suit extension, but with DOXA’s new design, the clasp can be utilized with the thumb and forefinger, simply pushing a button!

A thicker, more modern looking bracelet is secured by screws rather than the spring bars of the past. DOXA has increased the depth rating of the SUB, making sure everything is safe and dry at a depth of 5000 feet. This is enhanced by a larger, thicker case. And what’s a diving watch that can’t be seen in the “briny deep”? DOXA addressed this concern with a new dial constructed with solid steel indices that act almost as retaining barriers to ensure that the deepest application of Superluminova possible can be used.