We all have our own cell phone personalities. Some of us want the cool gadgets vis a vis the iPhone that are trendy, hip, and do just about everything. Others of us need a simple and to the point tool that can make and take calls with no fuss, no muss, we hate being tied to the darn things. So if you are one of those that are at the middle class or entry level use in terms of your cell phone, than this Hop 1800 may be just the ticket. Hop-On Inc. is aware of the market need for entry level users and as such they have created the cell phone available for only $10 bucks. This handset offers you all the basics you need in a cell phone and it works worldwide making it an inexpensive backup gadget for those that travel a lot.

Even better, it works with any local SIM card, making it a compatible device with over 40 domestic wireless carriers. You can get it in Dual-band 850/1900 MHz, or the 900/1800 MHz and its talk time runs up to 4 hours with 150 hours of standby. Due to its versatility with domestic carriers, this is an excellent tool for emergency use, frequent travelers, or hey, an inexpensive means to spend $10 bucks and make your teenage daughter techno happy.