Watch a GoPro Mounted Hot Wheels Run Its Racetrack

This is exhilarating! Check out the backyard track and how the car flies!

Guy Solves Rubik's Cube Before Usain Bolt Finishes a 100m Race

It takes some skill to solve a Rubik's Cube, and while he can't beat Usain Bolt in a real sprint race, he can definitely finish up his Rubik's Cube.

Elon Musk Says We're Living in a Simulation. There's a Slight Chance He Might Be Right

Maybe we can get a reset? Check it out:

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer Might Reveal Who Jyn's Father Is

Anyone's guess now. Check it out:

This is How You Get Conor McGregor's Super Insane Abs

If you have the dedication to work out like how Conor does, you'll destroy.

Kenny Baker, The Voice of R2-D2 Has Passed

In rememberance of R2-D2:

Table Tennis Stars Exchange Insane 41 Shots

During one match at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, Singapore's Ning Gao and Nigeria's Segun Toriola had such an intense match!

Kylo Ren Loses It To The New "Rogue One" Trailer

He still hasn't learned to keep his anger down.

Check Out The History of The Art of Kung Fu With Guns

Combining kung fu with guns. The results are perfect. Only in movies, though.

Here Are 10 Olympic Atheletes Who Were Caught Cheating at The Games

There are a lot of people who cheat, but here are the ones that got caught.

Ryan Lochte Discovered The Next Big Swimming Move. Watch:

This is called the Ryan Locthe Turn.

Julius Yego Becomes World-Class Javelin Thrower By Watching YouTube Videos

Julius was raised in Cheptonon village in Kenya with no access to proper coaching or exposure to the correct techniques. But he at least YouTube. Now he's the world champion.

This Hillary Clinton Ad Parody Proves She's The Queen of Memes in 2016

Better this than Donald Trump, perhaps?

Guy Trolls Online Blackjack Dealers By Calling Himself P.Ness

Okay, this is too funny. And the dealers know it too!

This Chiropractor Commercial Will Make You Question if It's Real

This goofy ad looks painful. Is it real?

Darth Vader is Here in The Latest Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer

The trailer is here, and the biggest baddest villain is back. This looks a whole lot better than any other Star Wars sequel.

The Most Common Types of Personal Injury That Occur in Daily Life

Injuries can and do happen every day. Whether they are worthy of a personal injury suit or not is another matter entirely. Some personal injuries are self-inflicted –unintentionally of course-, while others are inflicted by other parties.

Flags and Festival Season: How They Became So Essential – Build A Flag

There are some items everyone should bring to a festival. Whether we are talking about Bonnaroo, Coachella, Glastonburry, Reading Festival or Latitude, everyone should bring a set of bare essentials: a rain jacket for an unexpected refreshing shower, sun lotion for those particular scorching days, a tent and plenty of energy for a night of music.
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