17 Funniest "The Office" Quotes

Can you believe The Office is 10-years-old already? While the series has sadly ended, we'll never forget just how funny it was. Here are some of the funniest quotes from the show. Check it out below:


Captain America's Facebook "FriendsDay" Video Isn't Friendly To Tony Stark

Looks like Cap is making it very clear he's not friends with Tony Stark anymore. Steve and Tony have broken up, and this video is the nail to the coffin.

This News Channel Teaches English Lessons With Naked Tutors [NSFW]

Is the purpose of these lessons really to teach? Did these people confused the point of education with entertainment? Either way, there could be a market for this, though we're pretty sure they'll be very slow learners.

The Sex Doll Of The Future Adjusts Her Personality To Your Ideal Preference

Digital sex dolls are becoming more advance, forever-single men are going to rejoice because they'll now have a companion that will be set to their preference. Is this what the future is going to become?

Prostitute Surgically Removed From Her Client After He Died While Having Sex

This sounds like a nightmare for anyone. It'll probably scare this woman of sex for life. A prostitute had to be surgically removed from her client after he died while having sex with her. This happened in China. Check it out below:

The Netflix Version of Star Wars: Fury Of Maul Is Sadly Not Real

This is the worst April Fools joke in human history. The reason? It looks so good we wished it was real.

Workout Moves From The Past

Your mom's old workout videos had some incredible moves too, and here's a throwback looking at some from the past. Check it out after the jump. Are you inspired to workout just yet? Time to get off the couch now!

Stop Wasting Money! Start Buying Clothes That Are Suitable All Year Round

When most people discuss fashion, both women’s and men’s, they’ll often use the phrases ‘in season’, or ‘on trend.’

Personally, these words appear to equate to ‘spend more’ and ‘look rubbish at a certain point’. It’s always boggled my mind as to why people feel the need to look a certain way at a certain part of the year. It’s a financial drain in an economy that means we have to save every penny.

Rihanna's "Kiss It Better" Video is Super Steamy

So she's done it again. Rihanna is back with another steamy video and it's called 'Kiss It Better.' It's basically Rihanna doing a lot of hip thrusting action and showing off how you pilates in a music video. And people will watch it:

Google's Same-Day Delivery Service Involves Parachutes

Because dude, drones, aren't just cool enough.

Lexus' New Velcro Seat Will Connect You To Your Car

In a very literal sense too. Hilarious too! Who would wear this if it were real?

Audi's Matrix Kaomoji LED Headlights Will Shine Emojis On You

We're taking everything with a pinch of salt today because it's April Fools, but what if this was real? Check out Audi's new headlights!

Russian Billionaire Spent $1 Billion On His Son's Wedding

Extravagance is synonymous in Russia. It's home to some extremely rich people, including Mikhail Gutseriev. He's an oil oligarch who is worth $6.3 billion. When his son decided to tie the knot, he decided to spend $1 billion on it.

Watch The Final Fantasy XV Anime Prequel Episode 1 Here

FFXV fans have waited for this for 10 years. Check it out below:

Final Fantasy Movie Coming With Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad Actors

Sean Bean plays King Regis of the magical king of Lucis, and commands an elite force of soliders called the Kingsglaive. They fight to protect Lucis but when an overwhelming military might comes knocking at their doors, King Regis is faced with an ultimatum - marry his son Prince Noctis to Princess Lunafreya of Tenbrae, or surrender his lands to Niflheim rule.

Watch Your Favorite Streaming Services With This Crazy Hack

Using a VPN in today's world is a good idea. The technology has many benefits. But what exactly are VPNs and why should you use one?

What are VPNs?VPN stands for virtual private network. It's a combination of technologies that give you benefits like:

Top 10 Tips for Easy Moving

Packing is never easy. You need to consider so many things and do your best not to forget anything! A really, really anxiety provoking occasion. Aside from just piling your clothes and miscellaneous stuff up, you should also think about moving your furniture and electronics, which itself is a huge headache. And if some of you have recently been moving, your memory indeed still contains some of the biggest thrills and frustrations of the process of moving.

Kerching! Clever Ways To Save Money Buying Through E-commerce

E-Commerce is just the technical term for buying online, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s cheaper. After all, a lot of stores on the high street were forced to close down due to sites like Amazon always beating them on price. Many of these same shops now have new online counterparts that are much more price competitive. But how can customers always ensure they get the best deal with an online shop?
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