Escalator Strikes Again: Goes Reverse in China

Escalator horrors have returned, and this time it's of it going in reverse. Security video from CCTV shows how an escalator in Ningbo shopping mall in China suddenly sped up, in the wrong direction, causing everyone on it to fall.

Only 5% Of The Population Can Pass This Vision Test

Here's one test to see if you've got good vision. What do you think your eyes are seeing? Can you tell? Check it out below:

Paleo Diets Will Make You Fat AF, According To New Study

Thinking of taking on the paleo diet? Think again, because according to a new study, it's not as good as you think it is. The findings from the University of Melbourne has found that the new Paleo diet actually leads to more weight gain. Wtf?

Discover live online casinos from your phone

Visiting a casino in person is old fashioned. Mobile gaming is fast becoming the preferred method of winning big, due to ease of access and the ability to pick up and play anywhere, anytime. There are now hundreds of exciting and immersive games that can be played on the move.

This One-String Guitar Made With a Shovel is Pure Savage and Metal

Killer metal music! You don't need six strings as it turns out. You just need one. And lots of drums in the background.

5 Ways A Virtual Receptionist Can Help Your Business And Customers

The first point of contact between a customer and a business will be the customer service department.  However, many small businesses cannot afford to have a full-time customer service agent and receptionist.  This is where a virtual receptionist will step in as they offer businesses a cost-effective and secure method of getting better customer service.  There are 5 main ways that a virtual receptionist will be able to help your business and your customers.

What Type of Intelligence Do You Have?

You're probably smart, at some level. So take this quiz to find out what kind of intelligent you are.

Snapchat Latest version - How does it work?

So guys in our this post we will mainly discuss with you how to use snapchat application, because snapchat now become very famous so every person from all over the world now wants to use snapchat now. And snapchat demands and download increasing day by day. 

Why a Company Blog is A Must

In the times when there was no interest access and people wanted to do and promote their business, they did it individually. They had no internet to do their business promotion job for them. Well, the internet has changed the whole concept and idea of doing business as well as promoting and stabilizing it. Now we have people who have no business degrees, but they are able to set up their online business as well. This has all been made possible because of the platform that is provided on the internet.

Inbound Marketing: What Comes After?

The promise of inbound marketing is that marketers don’t have to interrupt customers when it comes to delivering timely and useful information. It shifts from aggressive push methods such as telemarketing, banners and pop-ups to softer content, SEO and social media methods.

Your Guide To Becoming A Bearded Beauty

At some time or another every man goes through the phase of deciding to grow a beard. The desire comes on each male to let that facial hair have freedom to grow and ultimately showcase how you look as a bearded soul. Are you in that phase right now? Great, welcome aboard! Certainly, your razor may have a holiday in store, but you still have work to do if you want to grow a beard. (In fact, that razor will still have a role to play in keeping a clean neckline). Here come a few tips to get you started in the right direction of being a bearded beauty.

Preparing For Your First EDM Festival

The EDM scene just keeps getting bigger and bigger. What does that mean for the future? Are we in for more advertising? More sad stories about overdoses? No, the big feature to talk about is the change in the way people listen to music. Because EDM is about dancing - and always has been - and festival season in America is also growing more popular, the money getting pumped into EDM is going into events and gatherings, not labels or artists.

This is The Rise of Mobile Gaming

If you take a look at the big names that appear in advertisements for mobile games, you'll know immediately that there is a ton of money to be made here. While so many of these games are so called 'free to play,' the industry around them is booming. And you will take notice.

Marketing A Startup With Social Media Tools

Modern marketing techniques need to encompass the latest technology in order to provide competitive service in virtually every industry. That means that social media networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and others need to be an integral part of the way that start-ups reach out to their potential customers.

These Are the Secrets to Extending Your Phone's Lifespan

It's not unusual to change your phone every two years. By the time you finish paying off one, new models have emerged, and you might want to change. However, not everyone wants to immediately start paying for another phone. If you would rather hang on to the one you have for longer, you can do that.

Laws And Regulations Surrounding Medical Marijuana Delivery Outside Of California

California is seeing a change in its marijuana laws with the passage of Prop 64, which allows for recreational marijuana use in addition to the laws in place for medical marijuana delivery and consumption. If you are a California resident and you have a prescription, you can easily get Santa Monica marijuana delivery, or Beverly Hills marijuana delivery, without fearing legal consequences. If you live outside of California, however, the law can vary quite a bit.

Transform Your Film Experience By Finding New Ways To Watch

The way we watch films changes all the time. If you’ve seen a trailer for a film you’re anticipating, you can be sure you won’t have to wait very long to watch it. By getting to grips with your filming options, you will save yourself having to wait months before each release reaches an affordable price. We’re going to take a look at the different ways you can watch films in the modern age. Getting to grips with the choices is well worth your time. You’ll never have to miss a movie release again!

How to Choose Best Sports Book?

Betting can be really profitable if you just know the right way to go for it, one has to be well versed with the sports book to know more about how to bet and make junk of profit,  sports book is like a guide in your journey of sports betting and so this plays a key role in the percentage ratio of profit you will be making via online sports betting as well as one even has to get associated with a good and authenticated betting website for sports book review which helps and guides you completely. 
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