Audi's Matrix Kaomoji LED Headlights Will Shine Emojis On You

We're taking everything with a pinch of salt today because it's April Fools, but what if this was real? Check out Audi's new headlights!

Russian Billionaire Spent $1 Billion On His Son's Wedding

Extravagance is synonymous in Russia. It's home to some extremely rich people, including Mikhail Gutseriev. He's an oil oligarch who is worth $6.3 billion. When his son decided to tie the knot, he decided to spend $1 billion on it.

Watch The Final Fantasy XV Anime Prequel Episode 1 Here

FFXV fans have waited for this for 10 years. Check it out below:

Final Fantasy Movie Coming With Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad Actors

Sean Bean plays King Regis of the magical king of Lucis, and commands an elite force of soliders called the Kingsglaive. They fight to protect Lucis but when an overwhelming military might comes knocking at their doors, King Regis is faced with an ultimatum - marry his son Prince Noctis to Princess Lunafreya of Tenbrae, or surrender his lands to Niflheim rule.

Watch Your Favorite Streaming Services With This Crazy Hack

Using a VPN in today's world is a good idea. The technology has many benefits. But what exactly are VPNs and why should you use one?

What are VPNs?VPN stands for virtual private network. It's a combination of technologies that give you benefits like:

Top 10 Tips for Easy Moving

Packing is never easy. You need to consider so many things and do your best not to forget anything! A really, really anxiety provoking occasion. Aside from just piling your clothes and miscellaneous stuff up, you should also think about moving your furniture and electronics, which itself is a huge headache. And if some of you have recently been moving, your memory indeed still contains some of the biggest thrills and frustrations of the process of moving.

Kerching! Clever Ways To Save Money Buying Through E-commerce

E-Commerce is just the technical term for buying online, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s cheaper. After all, a lot of stores on the high street were forced to close down due to sites like Amazon always beating them on price. Many of these same shops now have new online counterparts that are much more price competitive. But how can customers always ensure they get the best deal with an online shop?

So You've Bought Your First Vape Pen, Now What?

In recent years, vaping has markedly increased in popularity. There are many people who have recently purchased their first vape pen and are unsure of what comes next. Beginners should look into certain e-liquids as a way to try out their first vape pen, along with .

Here Are Some of The Hottest Non-Famous Asians

Beautiful with a capital B. Here's a gallery of some of the hottest non-famous Asians. Prepare to gawk and admire. Check out the gallery below for more. 





16 Descriptions of How Mondays Are Like For Some People

Not everyone loves Mondays. It is the day you go back to work. It is the day you go back to school. The weekend is over. Fun has ended. You'll have to repeat the cycle all over again. Here's how some Mondays are like:

How Anyone Can Be a World Class Athlete

Virtual reality was once a pipe dream. For many, the idea of putting on a device and hopping into a brand new world was an experience reserved only for science fiction heroes. Even those that thought the technology would one day become available only dreamed of a distant future where it was accessible by the world's richest consumers. 

Professional Help At Letter Writing Task

At times you come across situations when you have to write letters. These letters can be both formal as well as informal. There is also a possibility that you have to write a semi -formal letter. All these letters have their own fixed rules and format to be followed.

What Are The Advantage Of Buying Natural Stone Veneers?

Many people think that Stone Veneers are always the best choice no matter whether they make the selection of Natural Stone Veneers or Manufactured Stone veneer. Well, this is really very wrong conception because you need to understand that manufactured stone veneer is much more different in quality if you will compare it with the natural stone.

Tips For You To Get Complete Advantage Of Uber Insurance

Uber is one of the most popular and highly reputed cab services. This is getting better and better which means that the drivers have bigger responsibility as well. There are so many people who think that purchasing Uber Insurance is all they will need to do in order to avail the advantage of insurance but this is not the fact.

Make Your Savings Work Harder By Becoming a Smart Trader

Finding ways of making their savings worker harder is one of the big challenges faced by so many people these days. If you aren’t satisfied with watching your money virtually stagnate in a bank account then becoming a trader could be the perfect way forward.

Easy Styler: How To Really Pull Off The Biker Look

Have you fancied yourself with the biker look? Like Marlon Brando in “The Wild One” or James Dean in “Rebel Without A Cause”? You’re not alone my friend. But the problem is that just putting a leather jacket on doesn’t make you attractive. I’ve had many ill fitting leather jackets in my time.

Harley Davidson: The American Motorcycle

When it comes to the American motorcycle, so many people have what they like and do not like. However, when it comes to the Harley Davidson, that is the all American bike by so many people. This bike is one of the longest standing, best made and beautifully driven bikes throughout the entire country.

Watch The Acapella Cover of "Stranger Things" Theme Song

As if it weren't mysterious enough. This is fantastic!

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