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Eyebrows play a major role in defining your features. It frames your face and draws attention towards your eyes. Everyone has a different face so the perfect brow shape for you does not depend on the beauty trends, but on the shape of your face.
Different Shapes of Eyebrows


Arched eyebrows are ideal for those who have extremely thick brows, riding low along the brow ridge. The arched eye brows broaden up the appearance of the eyes and make them appear more alert, bright and wide. The arched shape is basically a combination of the angled and curved shapes. It is typified by an upward angle, starting from the inner corner of the eye following up to a two-thirds distance. It culminates with a curve downward on the outside.


Angled brows are the most striking of all the eyebrow shapes, owing to the sharp angle they have. Angled brows begin upward from the inner corner of the eye and then slide down with a steep angle, towards the outer edge. This brow shape is great for those who have a round or wide face. This provides a vertical line to the face, making it appear slimmer. Moreover, it is ideal for close-set eyes as they help in drawing the focus to the outside.


Curved eye brows are usually round in shape. The curve of the eyebrow follows the line of the eyelids and expands only proportionately. This type of eyebrow is ideal for those who have sharp, angular features. The addition of curved eyebrows provides a mellower look to their features, adding softness to the overall look.


Though the name might seem intriguing, there is a shape of eyebrow which is referred as flat eye brow. It is so called owing to the minimal curvature it provides along the length of the brow. Flat eyebrows are deemed suitable for those who have very narrow faces or widely spaced eyes. This makes their face look broader and deviates attention from the wide gap between the eyes.