It seems Kpop is becoming a huge influence, so they say. Recently, a new girl group which just debuted in Japan has been receiving quite a huge amount of attention. One of the reason is that the girl group named "Bikyaku Jidai" shares similarities with SNSD or Shoujo Jidai in Japan. Bikyaku Jidai is a 7 member girl group where their average height is 171 cm and also practices the 1,500 Kcal diet.

Aside from the tall height and diet margin, the group's name is reminiscent of SNSD's Japanese name which describes SNSD for their long legs. They recently released a music video for their new song and the moves seemed to be inspired from SNSD's Genie. Netizens are quick to name the group a fake SNSD or other terms of the like.

This is not the first time SNSD get's a different country version. A girl group in Taiwan called Super 7 also became famous for being similar to SNSD. Check out Bikyaku Jidai's "Perfect Imagination" PV and tell us what you think.

Source: Newsen
Written by: blueprincess824 @