After making a comeback with Summer Special album ,Teen Top members’ ultimate level of recognition will be revealed.

In the recent SBS MTV ‘Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issue, the ranks for Teen Top’s ultimate level of recognition has gained much attention

There’s a segment in ‘Teen Top Rising 100%’ called ‘My Ranking Time’ where the Teen Top and 100% members can gather their individual level of recognition through the number of news on search portals. In this ultimate level of recognition ranking, other than the number of Internet news articles, blog posts, photos and all the posts on websites have been collated in order to do an all-round level of recognition check.

During recording that day, whenever a placing was announced, the Teen Top members were shocked by the unexpected results. In particular, the Teen Top member that placed 1st in terms of level of recognition had twice as much Internet posts on him than the other members; displaying a miraculous record and was the subject of envy from the cast.

Also in the ‘Open up your hearts’ segment, Teen Top and 100% spoke truthfully about the things they have not been able to tell one another, expressing their apologies and gratitudes.

Teen Top’s L.Joe talked about something he did wrong to 100%’s Sanghoon which he had kept to himself. L.Joe showed a serious side to him which we have not been able to see; and apologised. Also 100%’s Changbum was unstoppable when he spoke of the times when he felt sad because of Shinhwa’s Andy, surprising all the staff on set.

On the other hand, when Teen Top and 100% asked MC Kim Taehyun if he had anything to say, Kim Taehyun steered away from the question at first by replying ‘Because I don’t feel bonded to you guys I don’t have anything to say’ but he confessed his exceptional affection towards Teen Top. Kim Taehyun said that he’s a passionate male fan for Teen Top, which really touched the the members “It wasn’t like this in the beginning but as I was doing the programme together with them, I started watching the music programmes that Teen Top appears on without switching channels”

You can check out Teen Top’s ultimate level of recognition ranking and the first ever to be revealed - Teen Top and 100%’s tearful confessions on SBS MTV ‘Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issues’ on the 11th at 9PM KST

Teen Top, perfect parody of ‘Brave Guys’…. Spiteful remarks towards Kim Taehyun
On the day of recording, Teen Top made a parody of the popular segment ‘Brave Guys’ from KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert’ and expressed their courage by saying the things they have kept to themselves previously. In particular, C.A.P and Ricky made strong and spiteful remarks towards Kim Taehyun which caused everyone to burst out laughing.

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