Idol group BEAST are boosting their speed in their last practice before making a comeback which had been for 1 Year and 2 months.

Their agency, Cube Entertainment, spoke through the phone with us, stating that, “BEAST’s jacket cover, MV shooting and recordings has ended, now they’re entering to their official dance practice.”

He followed by, “It is confirmed that they will be making their comeback end of this month, so members are doing their best in practicing for their dance. Choreographer Haw WooShin will be participating in the choreograph of this latest title track. He hinted that the dance will be different than the others, so everyone please give much anticipation and attention.”

BEAST had returned to Korea on the 7th after shooting their MV in New York, America, and are currently preparing for their dance practice.

Meanwhile, BEAST member, Jang Hyunseung, will be challenging in his very first musical act “Mozart!” at Sejong Cultural Center (name may differ) from 10th July till August 4th. Fans are asked to anticipate.

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