JuYeon’s recent twitter updates has earned her ‘Modeldol Certification’.

The term ‘Modeldol’ is used for idols who have modelesque physical characteristics. JuYeon exemplifies these characteristics with her fantastic body proportions.

Today JuYeon uploaded two photos of herself onto her twitter page.

These photos showed fans her fresh face and natural beauty.

Netizens left comments like “You’re in charge of Beauty in After School” among other reactions.

Yesterday JuYeon upload three photos to her twitter page. In the background of the pictures Japanese nightlight can be seen which gives the photos a relaxed vibe.

One of the pictures featured Kahi and both women struck a similar ’V (V)’ finger pose. Both Kahi and JuYeon showed off their bright smiles and relaxed fashion senses.

Netizens left comments like “…modeldol After School“, “Your legs are very long” and “…I want to hear new After School songs soon…“.

After School recently ended their successful first tour last month. They are expected to make a Korean comeback on June 21st with a single album.
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