In the midst of the boy group renaissance era, the new weapon EXO-K has appeared like a comet. SM Entertainment’s ambition, EXO, is using a breakthrough strategy to have both EXO-K, who promotes in Korea, and EXO-M, who promotes in China, perform their debut song ‘MAMA’ in their respective stages.

EXO-K’s leader Suho looks as if he is from a comic book, with his unrealistic features and the looks of a scion of a noble family, along with respectful manners. Suho, who even describes himself as “exemplary, respectful, and warm-hearted,” is known for living an upright lifestyle. It is almost as if we have heard mothers sing about how they want to raise their mischievous sons to be like the calm and warm-hearted Suho. “Say MAMA if you can change it, say MAMA”

*literature girl may refer to a Japanese novel series titled "Book Girl" or just a girl that likes literature/majors in literature

Source: The Star
Translated by gpark @ CXO