My name is Chanyeol. Birth name is Park Chanyeol.
I was born on November 27th 1992. I have an older sister who's three years apart from me.
My older sister, when she say my pre-debut pictures she said "Hey, your pre-debut photos are all on the internet! I didn't even know". Even though she doesn't really talk about stars, she still seems to be really proud of me.
I'm exactly 185cm tall. I haven't been growing for about two years now. And comparing to other people, my ears are more protruding than the rest, my eyes are also very big, not to mention my irregular size of teeth. Haha
So the fans gave me a nickname called 'Wealthy Teeth'. During the fansign not long ago, there were a lot of fans who showed a lot of interest in me, so it felt good.
EXO-K and EXO-M combined makes 12 members, all of them that came out in the teaser. Because many teasers have passed by before I came out, my mother would call me and say "When are you coming out? I'm waiting to see you and hear your sound". My friends would also say "Why aren't you coming out? Did they kick you off the team?" Actually, I was a little nervous.. haha!
From the 1st year of Highschool (9th grade) I became a trainee in SM Entertainment. Honestly, everyone knew about this (that he became a trainee), I was still a little shy.
When I'm in middle school, I became really good friends with a group of people in a band called "Heavy Noise". The band is something similiar to Nirvana, X Japan, and I really liked it. And when I'm in Highschool I was in a band called "Siren".
When we were practicing the choreography for <<MAMA>> I really thought I was the weakest link. Haha. At first we thought "We're so dead" but because of the extra help one-on-one from Kai and Sehun, we really improved a lot, so its a relief.
I have the power to control fire, a phoenix is.... theres no joy. (Kai: This charm is a little weak...) For the next album, maybe there could be use for fire.

My name is Baekhyun. Real name is Byun Baekhyun.
I was born on May 6th 1992. I have a brother who's seven years older than me. Although the age difference is really big but it isn't hard to connect with him. Ever since we were children, we did everything together including shopping.
In EXO-K my eyelines are the best. It's different because the rest of the member has round eyes while mine is sharp, the rest of the members has big eyes as well, and mine is small. Hahaha. If I wear eye liner it makes my eyes look good but, if I take it off people will see me as a completely different person.
Eyeliner has to be drawn in a line. First you'd have to moisten the place you're going to apply the eyeliner and then use the cotton to swab. At first it was hard, but the more we do it the more proficient i get. Now I know why it's important for the girls to do it. Haha.
Because I joined the team later than the rest, the first person I met and befriended was Chanyeol. When I have to go to practice, I would ride the subway or sometimes I would walk, and sometimes Chanyeol would go with me.
When I was in highschool I was the mood maker. I've seen SHINee seniors dance before many times. When I see them I wanted to practice as hard and be as good as them. (KAI: Ever since Trainee days he was really well rounded at everything, he was really popular. If he wasn't going to be an idol what will he be? / Suho: I think he'll be in the lines of performing arts.)
We all have our own individual power, but I'm still the most jealous of Kai's teleportation skill. (Kai: I'm also jealous of my own power too) If we have the teleportation skill, I must see the insides of the bank.
Just like the KBS series <Full House> starring Rain Senior, I want to be able to do something like that too. Though I still have a lot to learn at this point, I would like to try it out. Though i'm not sure if it would fit my style.
For variety programs, I've already prepared many impersonation talents. I could do Oh Gwangrok Senior, but So Soksa Senior I'm still in the progress of learning. But you never know in the future. Haha

credit: 10asia
translations: xiushipao @ CODE:EXO