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Synopsis Name: Jackal Comes

Author Name: Yeo Jeong

Genre: Fiction Film / Cruel Comedy
Registration Day: December 31, 2010
Search Words: Comedy Cruelty Romantic Thriller

Keyword of the Work
Soft cruel comedy

Planing Intention of the Synopsis
“Anybody once, or more than that, loves. breaks up. gives and takes broken heart.
There are people who use someone very occasionally, as if it is love.
They break up. leave hatred and revengeful thoughts instead of broken heart.
Have you ever done this by any chance?
If you have, watch out for HER.
Somewhere between romantic cruel comedy and thriller.”

Commentary on this Synopsis
[ 12th Recommended Work by Judges in 2010 ] – 12th doesn’t mean the ranking, but the order.

“Characters are described attractive, moreover, the grafting of fantasy and everyday life is very natural(=unforced) and effective.”

Source: Scenario Market (http://www.scenariomarket.or.kr)
Translation Credits: Jeneration (@126×204)