Shortly before the comeback, J.Y. Park has pre-released “Someone Else”, a duet song with Brown Eyed Girls member Gain sweeping the charts with a result of a 1st rank. Now, he’s gathering attention with teaser image release and an enormous wrapping promotion.

The three released images are showing J.Y. Park, a fabulous star surrounded by girls and yet has the saddened eyes. The images are containing messages such as “My fabulous life and fancy girls are nothing when closely looked at, You’re the one 4.29 0 o’ clock”, “When I look back at your eyes looking at me, you are happy but uneasy, uneasy but happy, You’re the one 4.29 0 o’ clock”, “I only see you, I only hear you”, etc.

The sensible teaser images are released as an enormous wrapping promotion, which is why it’s drawing more attention from the public. The images are held at JYP Center and JYP annex as a building wrapping, and wrapped buses are operated. The buildings like Sangsang-madang at Hongdae, and Myeongbo Art-hall at Chungmuro are also wrapped with J.Y. Park’s teaser images. Not only that, the stair walls at Shinchon, Hongdae, and Gangnam subway stations are wrapped with his teaser images grabbing much attention from the people, raising the expectation for his comeback.

J.Y. Park will be releasing his first single “You’re The One” on the midnight of April 29th.

Source: JYP Entertainment Facebook