SHINee members Taemin and Onew were invited onto the April 22nd episode of KBS 2TV’s “Qualifications of Men.”

On that day, they were in charge of teaching the “Qualifications of Men” members how to become cooler. While watching Onew teach Jeon Hyunmoo some dance moves, Taemin pointed out Onew’s mistake, remarking, “Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite hand?”

At that, Onew was stunned for a few seconds before exclaiming, “Mental breakdown!” He had apparently gotten confused teaching Jeon Hyunmoo — infamous for his clumsiness at dancing.

In the end, Taemin and Onew cheered on the members and said, “We’ll write down the choreography before we leave,” showing their warm personalities.

Check out the cut here:

Video: onewthings@YT

Source: TV Daily
Credit: Koreaboo
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