Actor Joo Won is struggling with the injuries he's been getting such as hurting his ligaments in his wrist.

Joo Won is in the middle of shooting the KBS 2TV drama "Bridal Mask" which is to be aired for the first time on the 23rd of May.

This drama is based on the original by Heo Yeong Man from 1974. The Chosun version hero Kang To (Joo Won) fought against the Japanese during the Japanese colonial era, and gave comfort and hope to the people of the Chosun.

"Bridal Mask" is a hero who chose the destiny of a hero and had to give up on love. The affectionate love of him and a woman who tried to protect him can be seen here.

Joo Won's action is highlight of this drama. His body is always full of injuries because of all this. During a scene where he's to block an oncoming kick, their signals didn't match and Joo Won injured his wrist.

He has to have a wrist guard on every time now. He was seen wearing one on his wrist guard on his TV appearance of KBS 2TV "Happy Together 3" on the 18th.

Sim Entertainment told Star News on the 19th, "Joo Won has mnay action scenes in "Bridal Mask" as he is the hero. His passion for the drama and the action scenes earn him injuries every once in awhile but they are not major. He is currently working without pressure."

source: hancinema