Following the success of their first title track "BLUE" off of their new mini album "ALIVE", Big Bang's other track "FANTASTIC BABY" also drew an explosive response over the globe.

In just a week, the music video for "FANTASTIC BABY" racked up over 8 million views, only proving the group's unparralled popularity. Additionally, Youtube has awarded Big Bang yet again with two gold medals for "FANTASTIC BABY" music video, the "Recently Most Popular (Gold)" and "Trending (Gold)" medals.

The "Recently Most Popular Medal" is given to videos which have had high engagement over the past 7 days, including views, likes, etc. While "The Trending Medal" is given to the videos which gained huge attention over the last week and are currently seeing exceptional growth in viewership.

Recently, Big Bang's "BLUE" music video received two gold medals as well.