Brave Girls' Group Photo For Comeback!

Brave Girls reveal group photo for comeback!

The full MV of their new song For You will be released on 16th February, anticipate their return?

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GFRIEND's Eunha garners much attention with her predebut photos.

She appeared in an MBC drama as shown in the photos attached here, cute?

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1. Turns out, full-scale replicas of fighter aircraft aren’t that common, and even though most of the jets in “The Avengers” are CGI, the one in the fight scene between Hulk and Thor is not. In fact, it’s the same one that Arnold Schwarzenegger flew in “True Lies,” just with a new paint job.  Read more
PRE WRITE UP ARTICLES  Feb 10, 2016 18:30
Imagine being nominated for an Oscar. You’re beyond nervous, this is the culmination of your entire acting career, it doesn’t GET any better that this. And then when they call out the winner, it’s not you. They hand you your $250,000 consolation prize and send you out the door. Wait, what?  Read more
PRE WRITE UP ARTICLES  Feb 10, 2016 18:29
Getting enough shut eye is pretty important, as it allows our body to recharge and our skin to tighten up. However, other things like stress or being sick can also affect our general appearance. So even if you do get enough rest, you can still come across as "tired-looking".  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 10, 2016 18:22
You aren't going to learn any of these facts from the movies. You'll have to be a comic book nerd to know a few of them, and more about the characters you love. Here's some of those secrets, via All Things DC and Marvel. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 10, 2016 18:21
We've seen a ton of famous actresses baring it all in their movies before. From Reese Witherspoon to Anne Hathaway, Katie Holmes, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, the list goes on. But not all are comfortable doing the full monty. Some of them have used body doubles before. Here are some of them you thought you saw naked but didn't.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 10, 2016 18:21
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