Last week, it was reported that young girls in China were resorting to wearing "hairy leg stockings" in order to fend off would be perverts. But how would this method fare elsewhere?

Amy Jones of The Sun decided to find out by donning a pair of the stockings and wearing it out in public. Not surprisingly, the reactions have less to do with trying to get guys to stop oogling and more to do with society's prejudices against women with hairy legs:
THE OFFICE: I step into estate agents Savills to see the reaction and when I explain what I’m up to, worker Ben Rodgers says: “Phew! When you walked in I was a bit worried.

“They are truly horrendous. They’d certainly put me off.”

THE PUB: At the Town Of Ramsgate I order a white wine and sit in the beer garden, where I am completely ignored by the table full of men behind me. Success!

THE STREET: A group of young lads start giggling as I approach and one whispers: “It’s Teen Wolf!”

I explain that they are tights intended to fend off men. Ollie, an engineer, makes a helpful suggestion: “Just wear trousers. You look weird.”

THE SARNIE SHOP: I tuck into a snack at Pret A Manger but my legs are putting others off their lunch.
Of course, a pretty lady with thick leg hairs is not something you'll see everyday. But some of the comments were pretty cruel, so we can only imagine how much harder it must be for those who actually face this problem on a daily basis.