Turns out that humans aren't the only ones suffering from psychological distress after experiencing a natural disaster.

A Professor Abuzer Tas of the Faculty of Veterinary Studies at Van's Century University reports on the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck the Turkish city of Van last year might have led to an increase in feline suicide attempts. From News.am:
"After the quake that jolted Van, a large number of cats are throwing themselves from heights," said Prof. Tas, who attributes the suicidal tendencies to psychological disorders developed as a direct result of the quake.

"They are getting fidgety by remaining in confined areas for a long time," he said, "and they are throwing themselves out in order to free themselves."
Now, before start accusing this as being a hoax, note that depression in cats has been recognized by behaviourists since the 1990s. According to them, cats can become depressed after "a major disruption in their lives", such as an earthquake.

While the professor did not provide exact figures to back up his conclusion, the university's animal hospital has seen an surge in local cats sustaining broken bones after jumping from great heights. Must be a pretty depressing sight to see all those cats recovering while wearing tiny little casts.