There have been plenty of studies on the number of ways a person's cellphone habits can affect their personality. But this latest study from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business is the closest thing to proving that using your phone can transform you into a jerk.

The study showed that after people used their phones for even a short period, they were less likely to engage in "prosocial" behavior than a control group was. That means that they were less likely to volunteer and weren't as diligent about trying to complete a word problem even though they were aware that their answers would provide money for charity. And apparently, you don't even need to talk on your phone because just keeping it in your thoughts can cause these behaviors as well.

The researchers theories that since our phone satisfies our basic need to connect with others, we no longer feel the need to practice this in real life once we're done using it.  So, basically, once you've got Siri as a friend, you don't need any of those other losers. Sad but true...