A 41-year-old Y&R advertising executive named Suzanne Hart reportedly suffered a gruesome, Final Destination-esque death when she was crushed by an elevator that suddenly shot up while she was stepping inside.

The horrific incident, which occurred at the company’s 285 Madison Avenue HQ, was described by an NYFD official as follows:
Her foot or her leg are heading into the elevator while the door is open. Her one foot is in the car; but then, the doors close on her leg and the elevator shoots upward. And she is just kind of yanked up with it. Then, the elevator car becomes pinned between the first and second floor. It seems like her body is what stops the elevator’s movement.
Two passengers who were already inside the elevator car and witnessed everything were not physically injured, but were described as victims of trauma.

The creepy bit is that nobody really knows what caused the mechanism to go awry; according to the  Department of Buildings spokesman Tony Sclafani, the elevator in question was inspected this past June, and “no safety issues were found at that time and no conditions were found that would be related to this accident.”