Let’s hope that when you walk down the aisle, or over the hot sand, or through the garden path, your guests won’t be looking at their manicured hands. You want them to look at you. Sure your beauty should be enough to turn some heads, but a little glint and glitter in the cranial region isn’t a bad idea on your wedding day! Believe it or not, there are a million things you can use for bridal accessories, but let’s stick with ten ideas:

1) Crystal drop earrings that dangle and catch the light as you walk by.

2) Rhinestone barrettes. Take three or four tiny barrettes and tuck them behind one ear for a nice effect.

3) Metallic eye shadow is eye-catching, but don’t overdo it unless you’re going for the street walker theme.

4) A gigantic diamond (or faux diamond) choker says, hey look at me!

5) Give yourself a light spray of self-tanning lotion the day before the wedding for a healthy glow. Either do it yourself or get a professional to do it. Just go easy on the application.

6) Glittery lips. If you’re going sultry with the eye makeup, slick a little glittery lip gloss on and smile all the way down the aisle.

7) Hair glitter or sparkles make a good substitute for a veil.

8) If you normally wear glasses, think about getting some contact lenses for the wedding day. Colored contacts can either brighten your eyes, or change their color completely. Even if you don’t normally wear glasses, you could get a disposable pair of colored contacts without a prescription just to give yourself a new look.

9) Get a good facial so that your skin glows.

10) Brighten up your smile by using a commercial tooth whitener before the wedding.

So, do you want to be remembered as the bride who lacked luster or the bride brighter than Las Vegas? Go ahead bride…put the glow on.