Who can ignore celebrity weddings and the hype that they generate? Think about all the ostentatious weddings you can remember splashed across the front pages of tabloids and leading glossies! I can bet people may not really remember which celebrities were paired together but the luxurious gowns; the venue and all the gimmicks used, definitely have been embedded in the minds of the people.

The wedding day is the most important day for any would be couple. Apart from looking at their best and all the fuss and frills that goes into the it, the truth is most couples are probably stressed out by the time The Day arrives!

Weddings need not always mean spending on designer wear sporting revealing bridal gowns. The bride of today definitely knows what she wants and will pull out all the stops to get it! What may be flamboyant to some may seem outrageous to another. So how do you find the perfect yet modest wedding dress?

Factors to consider for a modest wedding dress:

Know yourself first before you plan to make a big purchase. The style should suit your body type.

Hourglass figure: You should have no problems belonging to this category as the hourglass figure can carry off any kind of fashionable gown. Go in for a corset dress as it also can be toned down.

Petite figure: Use clean lines and silhouettes to add length to your frame. Be low on accessories. Use more of delicate and intricate designs and patterns.

Tall figure: Keeping your proportions in mind, you can go in for ball gowns and simple A-line cuts. Empire line dresses are a big no-no for the tall frame.

Pear shaped figure: Use A-line princess wedding dresses to disguise the fuller hips. Remember to balance the whole look.

Strategize for your modest wedding dresses:

Since you prefer to avoid provocative clothing, the idea is to look sensual and avoid the thinning line between sensuality and vulgarity. Give a thought to the necklines, hemlines, length of the wedding dress etc.

Sleeves- Most women may not really be comfortable wearing sleeveless gowns so you can go in for an attractively styled modest wedding dresses that comes with puffed sleeves. There is also a whole range of options available for mega sleeves, short sleeves and long sleeves. Tie-ups on the hands can add some glam to the entire ensemble. The idea is to be innovative whilst adhering to the restrictions.

Neck- For women not too comfortable flashing too much skin, check with your designer to accentuate the neck area in a modest manner. Boat neck or the cowl neck, sweet heart or the square neck, the pick is yours.

Back- If you want to avoid backless options then you can go in for high necked gowns. Embellish the back with some beautiful jewels or have some cutwork like keyholes that can make it look more glamorous. Pile your hair over the head and showcase the design to the world. You can even have lace to cover a portion of your back to have a chic and sophisticated look.

Length-Short wedding dresses need not always be the most appealing. You can have a beautifully designed long wedding dress with an asymmetrical hemline. A long dress does not always have to be frumpish. Tea length wedding dresses remain the most popular till date.

The medieval wedding dresses score high on the list of would be brides because you can tone the entire look sans all the straps and uncomfortable figure hugging materials. You can actually feel you are living a fairytale life once you adorn this design. Use the Internet for a variety in design options to find the right option to flatter you.