When is it common to see a man wearing lavish jewelry around the neck, on the ears, or on the wrist? While there are some men out there who will flaunt their ice, you probably won’t see a man wearing lots of jewelry. In comparison to women, men are generally more modest in their jewelry wear.

But what about wearing jewelry on a special occasion, like on a groom’s wedding day? A man’s jewelry might be especially highlighted then, featuring his wedding ring and maybe some cufflinks or a bracelet.

When I think about a man’s jewelry, the only thought that comes to mind is a wedding ring. Little did I realize that a man's jewelry is also extended to cufflinks and bracelets but also to key rings, money clips and tie bars and tie tacks. Items that I once thought were basic accessories are now reconsidered as a man’s formal jewelry.

Aside from a typical man’s jewelry that comes in gold or silver form, a man’s jewelry doesn’t just include his wedding ring. In this article, a man’s jewelry will be defined as an accessory in which a man treasures and wears frequently.

Tie tack - My dad still has the eagle tie tack that my brother presented to him many years ago when he received his Eagle Scout rank. Not much of a jewelry fan, my dad will wear the tie tack for church as a proud display of his son’s recognition. For my dad, the tie tack is a sentimental treasure, and for him, it is his own personal jewelry.

Bracelets - You might not qualify this next item as ‘jewelry’ but it can be a man’s (or a boy, for the matter) fashionable accessory. In grade school, one of the ‘coolest’ things to wear was a slap bracelet, featured in various fluorescent colors and designs. I recall boys especially using these multipurpose bracelets not only to sport, but to also keep them busily entertained and occupied in class or at recess.

Key rings - A key ring as a man’s jewelry? A key ring holds what’s important to a man; the keys to his home, his car, job, or key chains that highlight a vacation or his personal interests. The frequent carrying of a key ring requires the man to find a suitable key ring to his taste. As little and maybe unnoticeable a key ring may be, as long as a man requires access to his many entries, he will be seen with his key ring. Better yet, let it be a fashionable key ring!

Now that you can stretch the definition of what a man’s jewelry can be, it can be just about anything so long as it’s what he values wearing.