The Invermay House by Maloney Architects

Maloney Architects's project, the Invermay House is located in Australia and highlights a contemporary exterior design build made from concrete, wood and glass. Check out more of the place in the gallery below:

HYLA Architects Designs Three-Story Home Around Spiral Staircase

HYLA Architects designed this three-story home with a surrounding spiral staircase in Singapore. The staircase ascends from the swimming pool to lead to a guest bedroom and gym and the house boasts natural lighting and more. Check out the design below:

Tour The Inside Of Heavybit Industries' Office

Amotoscott Architecture turned a huge warehouse into an office for Heavybit Industries, boasting a rustic feel with textured walls and metal poll frames as room dividers. The office applies an open concept and uses materials such as metal, wood and concrete. Check out more bleow and head to Heavybit Industries for more.

5 Tips for Going Green and Getting Outdoors this Summer

Summer is just around the corner. You’re probably already planning everything you need and want to do once the weather starts to get better. In addition to planning summer vacations and spring cleaning you probably have a lot of outdoor projects you are itching to get done.

Look At This Astounding Contemporary Gothic Church

Here is the Sacred Heart Church in Blackpool. From the outside, the church looks like just another place of worship. Once you step inside, though, you will see that the structure is something quite extraordinary. The unique architecture and design of the building is what sets it apart from other structures.

Retrofit Your Dream Bathroom With These Five Inexpensive Ideas

Perhaps the most overlooked room in a home, even a minor touch or change can transform a bathroom with a bored, uninspired look into a room that is luxurious and stylish, with minimal equipping and effort.

Old Tribeca Soap Factory Transformed into Beautiful Home by Architect Andrew Franz

This is what architect Andrew Franz has done to an old 19th century soap factory in Manhattan. The design features clean lines with elements of openness and wood and brick accents that offer the space with a raw feel. Check out more pictures in the gallery:

This Odd Shaped House in Japan Is More Than It Looks

The conventional design for homes doesn't apply to this Japanese home. This is a small 594 square-foot home in Horinouchi, Japan, built by Mizuishi Architects and is designed to fit a small triangular lot. It looks tiny from the outside but it is hiding quite a lot of space on the inside.

Imagine Sitting on Swings in Your Office Meetings

Why are most meetings boring? Because they don't have swings in there, that's why. Created by furniture designer Christopher Duffy of Duffy London, it replaces chairs for swings.

”As soon as people sit in it, they instantly open up, their posture changes and they start smiling,” says Duffy.

Veranda House by Blouin Tardif Architects

This is the Veranda House, recently minted by Canadian firm Blouin Tardiff Architects. It has a focus on materials using clay and cedar and it embraces its surrounding foliage with large glass panels. Check out the house below:

Ideas For Creating The Perfect Outdoor Patio Space

Are you sick of spending warm summer days indoors because your outdoor space needs a lot of work? If so, you should aim to make changes during the first few months of 2015. Leaving it too long will mean you are left in the same situation you had to deal with last summer. You need to get everything sorted as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your garden and the weather as we approach the warmer months.

This Two Room Apartment in Sweden Has a Very Modern and Interesting Layout

This crib is located in Gothemburg, Sweden and the way it's been decorated and designed offers a bright and spacious feel to it. From the flooring to the furniture and the placement of of things around it, it looks pretty near perfect. Check it out below:

Brighten Up Your Home in Time for Summer With These Tips

I’m pretty certain we’re all getting bored of the cold weather by now. When the weather is starting to get me down and make me feel glum, I like to give my house a bit of a makeover. If I can make things a little brighter in the home, it puts me in a better mood as I remember that summer is on its way! Plus, if you gave your home a winter makeover, dark colours and fluffy decorations aren’t really going to suit the summer vibes. Use these tips to help you brighten up your home:

Top Tips For Project Managing Your Home Remodel

Remodelling your home can be a challenge even if you have no other distractions in life. When you combine work, family and a tight budget to the mix, you may really start to struggle with any kind of project going on in the house that may cause a distraction. A tight budget affects most of us at one time or another, but often we just have to get on and complete the project no matter what.

This Tiny House is Hiding a Ton of Luxury Inside

Designer Chris Heininge found a way to turn 280 square feet into something livable and completely beautiful. On the outside, this house may appear small, but it is packing some real luxury inside, which is all that matters. Check out the gallery below:

The Shipping Container-Constructed "Casa Incubo" by Maria Jose Trejos

Maria Jose Trejos designed a home constructed from eight large shipping containers and named the home 'Casa Incubo'. It is a two-story component that measures 40' high, and doubles both as a home and workspace. Check it out below:

Flask: A Bar Hidden Inside a Coke Vending Machine

Here's an interesting speakeasy bar. Designed by architect Alberto Caiola, The Press is hidden behind what looks like a vintage Coca-Cola vending machine. Open the door and walk through it and you'll find yourself in a tunnel entrance to Flask. Check out more detailed images of both Flask and The Press here.

Unusual Kitchen Ideas For Any Home

Having a new look in the kitchen is often craved by many. But, kitchen design can be a little dull. There are some inventive and unusual ways that you can transform your kitchen from a simple space to cook to an interior design dream. When it comes to matters of interior design, you need to ensure that you are on the right lines. After all, your kitchen should be a cool, funky space to live within.
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