Artist Turns a Fallen Tree Into a Book Shelf

Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz found a tree while walking around the city in Santiago, Chile. The natural shape of it allowed him to transform it into a beautiful shelf. He adapted it to his needs by twisting and sanding the rough edges.

Take Your Patio To The Next Level

Enjoying your outside space is one thing. Revelling in a glamorous patio with all the trimmings is something else. Have you ever imagined lounging by your pool without a care in the world? Have you ever dreamed walking out onto the deck on a perfect sunny morning?

Could Adding More Windows Make Your Home Better?

There are many ways looking to improve the looks and functionality of a house. One of the most popular approaches to doing this is to add more windows.

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So, how could this make your home better in different ways? The following are some of the possible improvements to bear in mind.

This Home On The Hollywood Hills Looks Movie-Worthy

This two-story home is located above the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and it features 27 foot-high glass walls opening up to a multi-level outdoor deck with an infinity pool and spa. Check it out below:

Get The Modern Look With These Quick And Easy Ideas

Most of us are looking for inspiration to create a fresh new look for our homes. As we enter into a New Year, this could be the idea to style your house ready for 2016. The coming season promises to be exciting with more refined and vibrant colour palettes. Decor styles are simpler and cleaner than ever before. They give you the chance to personalise the look of your home with your own taste in ornaments and art.

How to Do Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchens in design magazines and nearly always stand out. There is something about them that catches the eye. Not only that, they speak to the heart. The kitchen of your dreams is a universal desire. It’s where our food is prepared. The stuff that gives us life! But a kitchen is so much more than a food preparation area. Otherwise, it would look more like a commercial kitchen or even laboratory.

The Easiest Ways To Get A Gorgeous Home

Making your home look gorgeous could be an ongoing project. As the seasons change and trends rise and fall, keeping your home looking fresh can end up being a full-time job. We all want easy ways to get the best results. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your home is looking up to date with the minimum of effort.

3 Instant Ways to Bring the Fun Back to Your Bedroom

For pretty much all of us, our bedrooms are our sanctuary, right? It's our place to escape for safety and comfort at the end of a long and boring day. All of our interior design focus in on making sure that every aspect of our rooms caters towards creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Create The Perfect Bedroom For Your Son In 4 Easy Steps

A child’s bedroom is sacred, and your son deserves only the best. While every parent has this desire, putting it into practice can often feel overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might first fear. The perfect boys’ bedroom should boast many features, but achieving them can be easy. The key is to plan ahead in style. Do this, and you can’t go far wrong.

8 Practical Storage Solutions You'll Definitely Want

There's a little bit of hoarder in all of us. We don't always find it easy to let go of the things we've paid hard-earned money for, even when they've begun to outstay their welcome. Besides, just because they don't appear to be of any use right now doesn't mean they never will again, right? If, like me, you're one of those people, I bet you've found that your home has become inundated with objects you don't need, but don't yet want to part with.

15 Beautifully Stunning Interior Design Inspirations You'll Want For Your Next Home

Need some design inspiration for your new home? Here's checking out some really stunning designs of homes that you can totally steal from. From the material to the type of furniture used to its position, check out the gallery below:

The Bathroom of You've Always Wanted is Within Touching Distance

It’s a real shame how little care and attention people pay to their bathrooms. They generally get glossed over or ignored completely with other home renovation work. But, if you want the bathroom of your dreams then you need to take some time to work on the room. It’s certainly possible to achieve the bathroom of your dreams. And by following this guide you can help yourself get to that point.

This Apartment May Be Tiny, But It's Truly Amazing

Andrew and Gabrielle Morrison might not have a huge house, but it is one place that really makes use of space and maximizes efficiency.

The couple actually teach classes on how to build tiny homes. They even built the one they live in. See how they fit so much into something so small.

Get Your Dream Bathroom With These Five Inexpensive Ideas

Perhaps the most overlooked room in a home, even a minor touch or change can transform a bathroom with a bored, uninspired look into a room that is luxurious and stylish, with minimal equipping and effort.

Very Interesting Graphic Design Ideas For Your Floors

Companies are already offering consumer’s new ways to decorate their homes including custom made wallpaper and one off paint colours, but what if you could design your own flooring too! The technology is already available to print designs onto vinyl flooring and it’s becoming more and more affordable every day.

10 Modern Decor Ideas You'll Want To Use For Your New Home

Do you want a sleek, modern looking home? There are a few specific things that people associate with modern homes these days. Usually, it’s all about practicing simplicity and minimalism. This post will give you 10 ideas that you can implement in your home to make it instantly more modern:

15 Living Rooms You Can Use For Your Interior Design Inspiration

Having your own home means having the opportunity to design it to your taste. You'll want something that's elegant enough yet is cozy; something that would be perfect for entertaining guests as well as cozying up on your own.

Incredibly Beautiful Interior Design Ideas You Can Totally Steal From

Renovating your home any time soon? Then you'll need some ideas and inspiration. And here's a whole bunch of them you can steal. They look like the kind most people would most definitely want to live in.
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