Incredibly Beautiful Interior Design Ideas You Can Totally Steal From

Renovating your home any time soon? Then you'll need some ideas and inspiration. And here's a whole bunch of them you can steal. They look like the kind most people would most definitely want to live in.

The Best Rooms to Host Guests Need The Best Chairs

Whether your preference is comfort or sophistication the chairs that are in a room are part of what gives a room its character. Chairs provide a place to talk with friends, relax after a long day, or to enjoy a meal with family. When welcoming guests into your home it is necessary to have the best chairs for your home so that your guests feel as comfortable and welcome as you do.

The Manor by The River by Remy Meijers

Remy Meijers's Manor by the River is an interior design more than just a collection of fine furniture. There's a calm and serene feel about this place, and the Dutch designer paid attention to the height and space of the place to enhance the feeling of breeziness and more.

Minimalist Apartment in Poland by halo. Architecture

This minimalist apartment is located in a central urban neighborhood of Poznan, Poland, and was designed and developed by the creative team at halo. architecture. It measures 62 square meters and has every bit of inspiration from what you'd expect in a Scandinavian home. Check it out:

Great Ideas For Creating An Awesome Family Entertainment Room

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room in your home that is rarely used, consider transforming it into a family entertainment room.

Family entertainment rooms for all sorts of activities, from movie marathons to family Wii nights. If you have a spare room at home, transforming it into an entertainment room is something that the whole family will love the idea of.

Great Theme Ideas To Try In Your Home This Season

It’s that time of year when we're thinking about changing the decor at home. If you’ve already cleared the room and you’re wondering what look to go for this season then why not create your style from a theme? There are plenty to choose from. Check out some of these ideas, and how to create the perfect themed room:

15 Creative Kitchen Designs For Your Inspiration

Need some kitchen design inspiration? Here's having a look at some 15 designs you can steal from. They're gorgeous in every right, and definitely a dream to have. Check it out in the gallery below:


The Casa GD by Reyes Rios + Larrain Architects

Designed by Reyes Rios + Larrain Architects, this modern residence for a family of five was built around an expansive terrace connecting the interior with the unique zig-zag shaped pool.  The home is finished with a lavish 1000 square foot garden, and an unassuming fence keeping what's inside a mystery.

Check Out WIRED Magazine's Office in San Francisco

Here's a look at WIRED magazine's new San Francisco offices, designed by architectural firm Gensler. Utilizing minimalistic and modern themes, it applies a design language called "wrong theory," using unexpected pops of color injected throughout the office.

Groveland House by Mcleod Bovell

The Groveland House was designed by Mcleod Bovell featuring everything from a putting green on the upper level to a pool and entertainment center on the middle level. Check out more projects by Mcleod Bovell at its website and view the gallery below:

Jazz Up Your Living Space With Natural Stone Tiles

We all know that stone tiles are one of the best options for flooring in your home. But can you use them for anything else? Well, you certainly can. Let's take a look at some of the more unusual ways you can use natural stone tiles in - and out - your home.

This Kiev Apartment Exhibits Playful Use of Open Spaces has unveiled this evocative design for an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. It uses an optimum usage of wide open spaces and is geared for entertaining guests. For more projects from, click here.

Dekleva Gregoric Architects Uses Curtains to Create Rooms in This Office Design

This office in Ljubljana, Slovenia uses curtains to create visual privacy when needed, and managed to make seven rooms of varying sizes to serve different functions. Check out the gallery and video below:

Bridge House by Höweler+Yoon Architecture

The Bridge House is meant to address the concept of ‘views’ in enclosed and it was done by architecture firm Howeler+Yoon. Check out the masterful design and head to Höweler+Yoon’s website to further peruse the firm’s work.

The Railway House by Aamer Architects

Aamer Architects redesigned a semi-detached home in Singapore breaking the design from its twin, with a design centered around open spaces and ample lighting. Check it out in the gallery:

HASSELL Designs a Fluid and Colorful Atrium for Melbourne's Medibank Building

HASSELL and Australia’s largest health insurer Medibank has a new building, and this is how it is going to be designed. Check out the gallery for more:

Sunflower House by Cadaval & Solà-Morales Architects

Barcelona-based Cadaval & Solà-Morales Architects' latest project is the Sunflower House. Located on the Spanish coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it boasts a contemporary exterior design featuring white cubes of space throughout the home. Head over to Cadaval & Solà-Morales Architects’ online site for more.

Transparent Sea-View House by Atelier d'Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

Designed by Belgian company Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners (AABE), you can take a tour with the gallery and check out more of AABE’s work here.

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