While it's great that you're having all the sex that you want without getting pregnant, Depo Provera, the birth control jab that you're probably on but don't remember, may impair your memory.

A student-led research from Arizona State University suggests that the popular birth control shot Depo Provera, which is administered once every 12 weeks, affects the mind's ability to retain information.

The one-year study was conducted on a group of rats, which received doses at varying ages, and a control group which did not receive hormones.
"What we found was pretty shocking – animals that had been given the drug at any point in their life were memory impaired at middle age compared to animals that never had the drug," said Blair Braden, an ASU psychology doctoral student who led the study

"We also confirmed that in the subjects that only received the drug when young, the hormone was no longer circulating during memory testing when older, showing it had cleared from the system yet still had effects on brain function."
Following the animal studies, the researchers are also planning to conduct human trials.

Once again, the condom wins hands down in family planning.